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Paint Supplies - Quality Paint And Supplies!

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We choose STIHL power tools over other brands because they choose the highest-quality metals, polymers, and supreme materials that other brands don’t use. STIHL is reliable and powerful, and we know we’re giving our community good investments. We have many STIHL power tools that will get the job done, but don’t worry! We also have professionals to help you decide which tool will get it done the best. When it’s time to make your next STIHL product purchase, come to us for your hunt.

We carry the following painting supplies:

• Brushes and Rollers
• Ladders
• Paint Pails and Tools
• Roof/Foundation Coatings
• Caulk and Sealants
• Compressors
• Drop Cloths and Rags
• Masking Tape and Paper
• Exterior Stain and Water Sealer
• Paint, Primer, and Stain
• Paint Sprayers
• Sandpaper and Steel Wool
• Paint Removers
• Faux Finishing
• Wallpaper Accessories
• Much more!
• Full line of residential and commercial paints, stains and supplies
• Custom Paint mixing and color matching
• #1 Clark + Kensington, Benjamin Moore and Anchor paint available

If you need a brush or a roller, we offer multipacks for variety and specialty items for those unique edges. We also have trimming and edging paint supplies, such as paint edgers and mini-rollers. We carry paint pails and Leaktite lids to keep your paint fresh. And, most importantly, we will provide you with the best options and largest selection of hues for interior and exterior paint and stain. We also have spray paint and waterproof paint.

We have selected Clark+Kensington paint as well as Royal paint to keep the quality high. With our computerized paint system, we will match whatever color you need. Our prices are affordable, and if we don’t have something in stock, we’ll order what you need. Bring in a color you’d like to match and see how it works!